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Our next meetings

Our next meetings

Join us in person or online for our next meeting on 18th November 2023

About Two:23

About Two:23

Find out who we are

Catch up on last meeting

Catch up on last meeting

Next meeting
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Our next meeting

Join us on 18th November 2023 at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church for our next meeting.

We'll be hosting a panel discussion with a bunch of LGBTQ worship leaders reflecting on the theme of detoxifying worship. We'll also be gathering around the table to share communion together.

If you're joining us in person, arrive from 2pm for a 2.23pm start.  There is no need to book in advance. 

To watch online, please register here.

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Catch up on previous meetings

You can watch edited highlights of many of our meetings here.

Our last meeting was ​in September, when Levi Santana was our speaker.

Watch Levi's talk and other Two:23 talks here.


Diverse Church

If you're aged 18-30, then do consider joining our sister organisation Diverse Church. Every year they plant a new Facebook-based community of young LGBTQ Christians.


Find out more at

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Refocusing Faithfulness

Refocusing Faithfulness is a course exploring the Biblical basis for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Church.


It was written by our friends at St Mary's London, including our very own Peter Russell, who is also on the Two:23 Team.


To find out more check out their Instagram


The Gathering Space

The Gathering Space is our supportive and friendly Facebook-based community for LGBTQ Christians.

It's a great place to get to know people between meetings. It's also a secret group on Facebook, so nobody else on Facebook will be able to see that you are a member.


We also run Zoom small groups on most weekday evenings, to which everyone is welcome.

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Coming up at Two:23

These are our ​forthcoming meeting dates, all Saturday afternoons at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in central London.


18th November 2023

20th January 2024

16th March 2024

Arrive from 2pm for a 2.23pm start, no need to book in advance. We'll be streaming the meetings live too.

For more info, please do contact us here.


Rachel & Lisa-Jayne's podcast

Why do people think the Bible says being gay is wrong? What does the Bible actually say about marriage and gender roles and identities? What are some of the different ways we can understand our faith as LGBT Christians who love Jesus, have a deep respect for Scripture, and don't want to lie about who we are?


This is the podcast version of a 6-week intro series Rachel runs via our Facebook group, the Gathering Space.

Listen to it here.


Diverse Church Parents

Diverse Church Parents is a safe, welcoming Facebook-based community where parents and other family members of LGBT+ people can connect.

It is run by regular Two:23ers Bruce and Janet Kent, and everyone is welcome, wherever you are on your journey.

To find out more email them here

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Standing with Ukraine

GiveOut are an award-winning international LGBTQI community foundation enabling our community and allies to give in one place to support LGBTQI people worldwide. They are specifically supporting LGBTQI refugees from Ukraine. You can find out more and donate here.

Also, for information about hosting Ukrainian refugees from people who have experience in this area, you can contact Refugees at Home directly via Dan Gerring.



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