Next meeting: 21st November 2020

Next meeting: 21st November 2020

All are welcome

Welcome to Two:23

Welcome to Two:23

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Our September Meeting

This was our first autumn meeting of 2020, featuring the amazing Dan Pratt talking about his work fighting modern slavery, you can catch up on it here.

It played out on 19th September. Do put the afternoon of Saturday 21st November 2020 in your diary for our next meeting featuring Molly Boot  and many others.

Join our email list to stay in touch in the meantime.


Catch up on previous meetings

Our previous two online meetings are still available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Click here to watch our July 2020 meeting, when a whole bunch of Two:23 people contributed songs, short reflections, poems and pictures, all on the theme of 'Horizons: dreaming and building'

Click here to watch our very first virtual Two:23 meeting, which took place at 2.30pm on Saturday, 16th May 2020, on the theme of 'Harbour: journeying and sheltering'.

Coming up at Two:23

Put our forthcoming meetings in your diary, all online and hopefully soon back at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church:

21st November 2020 - Molly Boot 

23rd January 2021 - Kieran & Warren, founders of Open Table 

20th March 2021 - with Alex Clare-Young

15th May 2021 - with Rose & Clare Jones.

The Gathering Space

Two:23 only meets six times a year, but we're really pleased to have very close links to The Gathering Space, which is a supportive and friendly Facebook-based community for LGBTQ Christians run by a team including Rachel, David, Lisa-Jayne and Alex, who are also on the Two:23 Team.

It's a great place to keep in touch with people between meetings, or get to know some people before coming along to a meeting. It's also a secret group on Facebook, so nobody else on Facebook will be able to see that you are a member, if that would be a concern for you.

To find out more or to join, please email

Diverse Church - for 18-30 LGBTQ Christians

If you're aged 18-30, then do consider joining our sister organisation Diverse Church. Every year they plant a new Facebook-based community of young LGBTQ Christians.


Find out more at

Diverse Church Parents

Diverse Church Parents is a safe, welcoming Facebook-based community where parents and other family members of LGBT+ people can connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

It is run by regular Two:23ers Bruce and Janet Kent, and they arrange a real-life meet up at 1:00pm just before every Two:23 meeting in London.

Everyone is welcome regardless of where they’re at on the journey of coming to terms with having an LGBT+ relative, particularly in the context of churches that may not be affirming or inclusive.

To find out more email them at

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