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Letter to my teenage self: Zoe

Hello friend

You do know, don’t you, that you’re a good friend to many people and over the years this will continue in work and in your personal life. So don’t doubt that you’re popular and funny. Walk tall.

Always know too, as your dad says, you look good in anything you choose to wear so express yourself.  Talking of parents make the most of them - hang out with them, make memories and most of all let them know you love them. And your sister too.

Lead a life as good as you can but don’t be swayed by the church or anyone else wanting all your money, time, energy etc even if living a more simple life seems appealing.  It’s a con. A lie dressed in good Christian clothing. Be wise.  If a church is headed up by someone called Noel Stanton steer well clear.  If you join you will live to regret it big time.

You know you see girls as attractive? Well, that’s ok - revel in it. Mum will find it hard but she’ll come round eventually. Dad will support you as his policy is “if you are happy so am I”. Your sister will be fine about it. But the Jesus Army won’t (another reason not to join them).

Experiment with sex and have lots of it. don’t be promiscuous but be free enough to sleep with someone you’re in a relationship with and enjoy it. Above all don’t be celibate.

Work wise do want you want and what you’re good at and make enough money to have a nice home, nice holidays and help others. 

Enjoy all you do and don’t let the bastards get you down. They’re not worth it.

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