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Out of the ashes

My new beginnings started on bonfire night in 2014 when I wandered back to the smouldering bonfire at the end of the night to pray alone. I told God my regrets of being celibate in the church; for not having the courage to come out earlier and of having given up a girlfriend I had many, many years ago, seemingly for Him, for the Church.


The next morning I knew God had taken the heavy weight of celibacy from me. And six months later I had come out and new beginnings were springing up everywhere. Three years afterwards that I left the church. Two more years on and I am working in an inclusive company, talk openly about my girlfriend and how we are planning our future together.

New beginnings for me have meant that having left behind the indoctrination of gay being sinful, I rarely go to church and prefer to spend my Sundays walking in the countryside, going out for lunch and being with friends. But God is good and still has a watchful, kind, loving and accepting eye on me. I see His hand in so many things in my life: the way opportunities arise and dreams are fulfilled.


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